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May 28, 2024 11:08 pm

Altruistic Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

WAYNE COUNTY — Habitat for Humanity of Goldsboro-Wayne has some tips on how to use Valentine’s Day to help others.

While Valentine’s Day is an exciting day for some, others may loathe the holiday. There are many people who feel lonely on holidays because they aren’t sure who they should be spending time with. Make homemade Valentines for people in your life or even for strangers. Get friends together to make the Valentines with you, and donate them to a local community center or senior citizen center. Give out Valentines to friends, family, acquaintances … the list goes on! You never know who might need that little pick-me-up in their day.

Valentine’s Day is full of chocolates and treats. Use this as an opportunity to bake up something tasty for a good cause! Organize a bake sale and donate the proceeds to your favorite organization or simply deliver the goods to somebody who could use a treat.

There’s nothing more selfless or loving than using your own time to do something for someone else and expecting nothing in return. That’s what volunteering is about! Use Valentine’s Day to spread the love through giving back to an organization that is near and dear to your heart. If you don’t have one yet, use this as a reminder to follow your heart and find a new organization to support.

Giving blood may not sound like the most romantic gesture, but the color red is often associated with Valentine’s Day. Plus, you’d be helping somebody in dire need of this lifesaving gift. Organize a blood drive or stop by your local donation spot. It just takes a small amount of your time for a truly needed donation.

Care packages come in all shapes and sizes. You could make a care package for a friend or family member or put together a care package for our military overseas. Some organizations even send out care packages for a specific cause, like helping the homeless or a specific group of people in need. Brainstorm with your friends to get them in on spreading the love. You can even spend time with those you love assembling the care packages.

Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as a romantic holiday, it has increasingly become recognized as a day to simply spread love. Use these ideas to show others how much they mean to you during this holiday of love. Remember—a little bit of love can go a long way!

— From the Habitat for Humanity Goldsboro-Wayne website