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May 27, 2024 9:00 am

University of Mount Olive junior Carson Adams shows Tennessee Walking Horses and has won several championships.

MOUNT OLIVE — Carson Adams is a rising star in the world of Tennessee Walking Horses. At just 19 years old, he has already made a name for himself in the horse riding and showing community, with a string of impressive wins and accolades under his belt.

Horses are a way of life for Adams and his family. They have been breeding, training and showing Tennessee Walking Horses since 1980, and his father has been a successful horseman for many years.

“Horses are more than just a hobby to me, they’re a lifestyle and a passion that I’ve been engrossed in since elementary school,” Adams said. “I started riding at the young age of five, but I knew I had to put in consistent effort to improve my craft when I was nine. Through dedication and hard work, I’ve been able to achieve multiple World Championship wins and earn the title of Juvenile Horseman of The Year in North and South Carolina in 2017.”

Adams’ love for Tennessee Walking Horses is evident in his admiration for the breed’s unique characteristics. According to Adams, no other breed of horse has the same level of pride and grace as the walking horses, and he loves the challenge of training and riding the majestic creatures. He has shown several horses over the years, including Big Blue Nation, The Dixie Label, Rocky Mountain Sky, Ecstatic, Major Justice, and I’m Rick James. Of these, The Dixie Label and Major Justice are the two horses with which he has won World Championships.

Despite the many challenges that come with training and showing horses, Adams remains dedicated to his passion. Even when faced with obstacles, he pushes through, showing his strong work ethic. “I don’t let the negative portrayals of the Tennessee Walking Horse by some organizations get to me,” he said. “Instead, I focus my energy and efforts on promoting the proper care and well-being of these horses in the performance world.”

Adams is a junior Agribusiness Management Major from Goldsboro. He plans to continue his work with Tennessee Walking Horses during and after his time at the University of Mount Olive.

— From University of Mount Olive Public Relations, by student intern Grayson Morgan