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February 29, 2024 6:05 pm

County organizations support sales tax referendum

WAYNE COUNTY — During their recent meetings, the Village of Walnut Creek, Town of Pikeville, Town of Fremont, Town of Mount Olive, Wayne Community College Board of Trustees, Wayne County Board of Education, Wayne County Republican Party and Wayne County Democratic Party all approved resolutions of support for the sales tax referendum on the November general election ballot.

The Wayne County Board of Commissioners is looking for alternative revenue sources to provide services to the public without increasing taxes on the property owners. This sales tax would add one cent to a $4 purchase, 25 cents to a $100 purchase, and $1 to a $400 purchase. This referendum excludes gas, prescription medication and non-prepared food or grocery purchases.

If passed by voters, the sales tax rate would increase from 6.75 percent to 7 percent. Sales tax affects everyone making purchases in the county. Visitors will also pay this tax, not just Wayne County residents. The commissioners say alternative revenue like this will allow them to possibly lower property taxes.

If the sales tax referendum passes, it will generate approximately $2.8 million for county services. A 1 cent property tax increase only generates $900,000. To raise the same amount of revenue, the property tax would have to increase by 3 cents. To learn more about this sales tax referendum, please visit

Voters are reminded that early voting is underway now until Nov 5. To learn more about early voting, including times and locations, please visit and click “Early Voting Schedule.”

— From Wayne County Public Information